Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ode to Rice Chex

When we got the call that the blood test came back positive for Celiac Disease I was on my way out the door. On the way home I stopped at our local IGA and walked around. Imagine my delight when I realized one of Grace's favorite cereals was gluten free!! Not only is it gluten free it is embraced by the Celiac Disease Foundation. Cereal was on Grace's "will eat" list - thankfully it can stay.

What I love about it is it is basic, mainstream cereal we can find in any grocery store and it is reasonably priced. On the web site there are several recipes - our favorite being Muddy Buddies. Muddy Buddies is a common party food in our area therefore it isn't "Celiac food" - it is everyday kid food most kids enjoy. We made a batch an it has been great for snacking, school lunches and just for fun.

Check out the Rice Chex recipes by clicking on the link to on the right of this page.


Sandrabag said...

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