Sunday, January 31, 2010

Interesting information from the Food and Drug Administration

While looking at the Nutella website I came across this LINK to the Food and Drug Administration.

It has a lot of really good information about labeling information for Gluten free products as well as information on Celiac Disease.

I am really excited when I see clear labeling for gluten free products. It is a no brainer - you don't have to worry if the food is safe or not.

Taco shells

We have always been taco fans at our house. We have used flour tortillas or soft corn tortillas - never really buying the crunchy corn shells. Well... then there was Gracie.

Crunchy taco shells are basically corn, oil and salt. They come in regular, large, flat bottomed (our favorite for some odd reason - they don't break while filling them) and tostada shells.

Last night while going to a Mexican restaurant it dawned on me that restaurants usually serve pre-made crunchy taco shells. We were going to Rosa's Mexican restaurant and learned they don't make their own. Gracie had lettuce and cheese tacos (since she is basically a vegetarian other than fish and bacon) and ate every bite.

I realize this is "common sense" for many Celiacs - but the fact is often I realize down the road "Oh - that is gluten free - she can eat that!" I think this is true for many Celiacs - you strip yourself down to the basics then start realizing what you CAN have.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I had such hope

Tomorrow night is "Cici's Pizza night" to raise money for our school so the 4th graders can go to camp. We were SO excited because we learned they can make a gluten free pizza! Whoo hoo!!

I decided to call ahead to get some information and asked for the manager. I asked about a gluten free pizza - he had no clue what I was asking.

I said "crust less pizza."

He said "Oh - we can do that. We put it in a personal pizza pan and use sauce and cheese and whatever other toppings you want. "

I wanted to clarify it could be gluten free (as in a pan free of wheat residue etc.) so I said "So you can make it with out flour on it at all?"

His response - "We don't have any of that here - you don't have to worry."

(Me) "You don't have what?"

(Him) "Any of that stuff you are talking about."

(Me) "Flour? It is in all of your pizzas."

(Him) "Huh? What? No - we don't have that."

I started to explain myself and Troy wisely said "Hang up." I excused myself and hung up.


Double sigh.

I am not as disappointed that we couldn't get gluten free pizza as I am upset that it was proven to me that sometimes businesses will say what they think they want you to hear to "make you happy." We would have been in a world of hurt if we had trusted this "manager" and his "don't worry." Not to mention how disappointed Gracie would have been if we had gotten there only to have to leave because we were misinformed.


Well - it turns out it was a case of "Stupid is as stupid does."

I decided to drop Gracie off at basketball practice and take Sam to Cici's for dinner as a reward for a good report card.

We got here and I ordered a cheese free pizza for Sam (which he devoured!) and saw a Manager walking around. I asked the lady at the front if this was the same manager that was on duty last night - she said it was a different one. When he stopped by our table to ask how everything was I said "I have heard you can make a crust less pizza here - do you?" He told me that yes they can - they put it in a foil "to go" pan (aka for the Celiac as "Safe!") and will put sauce and cheese then any topping you want. YEA!! Of course Gracie only likes cheese on her pizza so she would be eating a little sauce and melted cheese but we could bring some bread for her to dip it / spread it on.

We we go there often? Probably not. However it is GREAT to know it is an option for everyone. Honestly none of us love Cici's - however with birthday parties, sports dinners and going out with friends it is nice to know it is an option.

I guess it pays to ask the question more than once - especially to someplace local.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Put a cherry on top!

Gracie LOVES Maraschino Cherries - simply loves them and always has.

She has been asking me to get some for her for a while but honestly I have forgotten to pick some up while at the store. I got some today at WalMart (Great Value brand) and it stated on the jar "Naturally a gluten free food." I really like that. We all know cherries are a naturally gluten free food but with the artificial color and extra flavoring etc. you never know what will be in it. It is nice that it is so clearly stated.

Not only does she love how they taste she just loves the "fancy" that it brings to any food. Add it to lemon lime soda, ice cream, put it on a dish of pudding or on top of the whipped cream on your hot chocolate. Fancy, fancy, fancy.

I think the thing it brings - especially to a child with Celiac - is there is SO much she can't have that is fancy. Stick a bright red cherry on top and something very simple seems kicked up a notch.

They keep forever in the fridge. Keep it on hand to put a cherry on top!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Aveeno Nourish Hair Care - a warning!

I was watching TV and a commercial came on for Aveeno Nourish Hair Care with "The Power of Wheat Complex." It says it "Harnesses the restorative power of wheat protein (aka Gluten) for hair care."

I have to say a year ago this wouldn't have phased me. Now flashing lights were seen and beeping noises heard at the mention of wheat protein. Honestly - even though I am careful about foods I wouldn't have thought to look at shampoo ingredients. Needless to say I will be more careful in the future.

I like Aveeno products and have some. I am sure this is a fine product for most people - just not for Celiacs or those with gluten intolerance.


A commenter asked a really good question - what is the issue with gluten in shampoo? Thankfully Gracie hasn't had an issue with this - but I have heard of others who have. When she was diagnosed the nutritionist recommended we stay away from products with gluten in them. When I was doing my research in the beginning I came across several blogs and websites that also suggested staying away from beauty products with gluten in them.

This is one of those things I don't have first hand experience with but there are enough warnings out there I am not willing to risk it.

A blog I enjoy reading wrote a bit about her experience with it - check it out:


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gluten Free Grace is on Facebook!

Gluten Free Grace now has a Facebook Page. Just type "Gluten Free Grace" in the search field and you will see our page. If you become a fan it will alert you when I put new posts.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I have used the recipe site "" for years. It is real food by real people and I have always been able to find what I was looking for.

Yesterday I put in "Gluten Free" in their search and there are several Gluten Free recipes! Some look better than others but it is nice to know there are some out there.

Something else I like is you can add recipes. I have done this (pre GF days :) but it would be a great place to share your favorite gluten free recipes with the rest of the gluten free world.

Check it out!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Udi's Gluten Free Whole Grain Bread

Along with the other goodies we received from Udi's was a loaf of Udi's Gluten Free Whole Grain Bread. I thought "Oh - Grace won't eat that." She didn't like whole grain bread before she was diagnosed - I couldn't see her liking it now.

Well... I hated to waste the bread and since she had only been eating it as grilled cheese I decided to give it a try - oh - and not tell her :)

It has been 3 sandwiches later and she is none the wiser - she sucked them down as quickly as she did with the sandwich bread and never questioned it. Trust me - if she thought something was "off" she would have mentioned it!

I compared the nutritional info on both breads - honestly it will come down to taste. If you like a whole grain bread then try it - you may like it better. Either way - the Udi's Sandwich bread or the Udi's Whole Grain bread is a HIT at our house!

There's an App for that!

While Grace ate her Gluten Free Ice Cream at the cute little shop in Southlake I played with my new iPhone. We were considering going to dinner later and I thought I would do a search on "Gluten Free" on the App Store. There were about Apps under Gluten Free - restaurant finders, Celiac Restaurant Cards (which could be pulled up in different languages!) gluten free info etc.

Are they awesome? Not really. Are they fun - you bet. Some are free, some are under $2 and others are over priced. It is just nice to know they are out there.