Sunday, January 31, 2010

Taco shells

We have always been taco fans at our house. We have used flour tortillas or soft corn tortillas - never really buying the crunchy corn shells. Well... then there was Gracie.

Crunchy taco shells are basically corn, oil and salt. They come in regular, large, flat bottomed (our favorite for some odd reason - they don't break while filling them) and tostada shells.

Last night while going to a Mexican restaurant it dawned on me that restaurants usually serve pre-made crunchy taco shells. We were going to Rosa's Mexican restaurant and learned they don't make their own. Gracie had lettuce and cheese tacos (since she is basically a vegetarian other than fish and bacon) and ate every bite.

I realize this is "common sense" for many Celiacs - but the fact is often I realize down the road "Oh - that is gluten free - she can eat that!" I think this is true for many Celiacs - you strip yourself down to the basics then start realizing what you CAN have.