Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I had such hope

Tomorrow night is "Cici's Pizza night" to raise money for our school so the 4th graders can go to camp. We were SO excited because we learned they can make a gluten free pizza! Whoo hoo!!

I decided to call ahead to get some information and asked for the manager. I asked about a gluten free pizza - he had no clue what I was asking.

I said "crust less pizza."

He said "Oh - we can do that. We put it in a personal pizza pan and use sauce and cheese and whatever other toppings you want. "

I wanted to clarify it could be gluten free (as in a pan free of wheat residue etc.) so I said "So you can make it with out flour on it at all?"

His response - "We don't have any of that here - you don't have to worry."

(Me) "You don't have what?"

(Him) "Any of that stuff you are talking about."

(Me) "Flour? It is in all of your pizzas."

(Him) "Huh? What? No - we don't have that."

I started to explain myself and Troy wisely said "Hang up." I excused myself and hung up.


Double sigh.

I am not as disappointed that we couldn't get gluten free pizza as I am upset that it was proven to me that sometimes businesses will say what they think they want you to hear to "make you happy." We would have been in a world of hurt if we had trusted this "manager" and his "don't worry." Not to mention how disappointed Gracie would have been if we had gotten there only to have to leave because we were misinformed.


Well - it turns out it was a case of "Stupid is as stupid does."

I decided to drop Gracie off at basketball practice and take Sam to Cici's for dinner as a reward for a good report card.

We got here and I ordered a cheese free pizza for Sam (which he devoured!) and saw a Manager walking around. I asked the lady at the front if this was the same manager that was on duty last night - she said it was a different one. When he stopped by our table to ask how everything was I said "I have heard you can make a crust less pizza here - do you?" He told me that yes they can - they put it in a foil "to go" pan (aka for the Celiac as "Safe!") and will put sauce and cheese then any topping you want. YEA!! Of course Gracie only likes cheese on her pizza so she would be eating a little sauce and melted cheese but we could bring some bread for her to dip it / spread it on.

We we go there often? Probably not. However it is GREAT to know it is an option for everyone. Honestly none of us love Cici's - however with birthday parties, sports dinners and going out with friends it is nice to know it is an option.

I guess it pays to ask the question more than once - especially to someplace local.