Saturday, January 16, 2010

Put a cherry on top!

Gracie LOVES Maraschino Cherries - simply loves them and always has.

She has been asking me to get some for her for a while but honestly I have forgotten to pick some up while at the store. I got some today at WalMart (Great Value brand) and it stated on the jar "Naturally a gluten free food." I really like that. We all know cherries are a naturally gluten free food but with the artificial color and extra flavoring etc. you never know what will be in it. It is nice that it is so clearly stated.

Not only does she love how they taste she just loves the "fancy" that it brings to any food. Add it to lemon lime soda, ice cream, put it on a dish of pudding or on top of the whipped cream on your hot chocolate. Fancy, fancy, fancy.

I think the thing it brings - especially to a child with Celiac - is there is SO much she can't have that is fancy. Stick a bright red cherry on top and something very simple seems kicked up a notch.

They keep forever in the fridge. Keep it on hand to put a cherry on top!