Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cheese Bread Mix!

I had previously posted how I made the "Brazilian pao de queijo" recipe and it was so very good. While out I found a package mix of Chebe Bread Products Cheese Bread Mix and decided to try it. It was SO EASY!!! and so very good. I mixed it up in a matter of minutes in my Kitchenaid mixer with the dough hook then scooped it out with my Pampered Chef Small Scoop and put it on parchment paper over a cookie sheet to bake. (Did I mention I sold Pampered Chef?? (shameless plug - lol))

Grace tried it and LOVED it and we all thought it was as good - if not better - than the home made version. I used a good shredded parmasan cheese which I think made a big difference.

This is one of those "for anyone" recipes that would be great for parties, company or just a Tuesday nights dinner.

French Meadow Bakery White Sandwich Bread

On our visit to Central Market today we found French Meadow Gluten Free White Sandwich Bread. I was able to feel the bread and it had a soft texture so we decide to spend $6 on a loaf of bread!!

As soon as we got home Grace wanted to try some drizzled with honey - her response? "It taste like it is full of wheat!!" and she had two pieces. This bread is made with a mix of corn and tapioca starches. "I" could taste the obvious difference between this bread and "regular" bread but I think Grace is far enough removed to start enjoying GF bread. We didn't even have to toast it - it was good straight from the bag - however I would think toasting would be helpful.

This gets a thumbs up at our house.

Gluten Free Cupcakes!

Central Market now has cupcakes in their bakery! They had yellow cake with white icing and chocolate cake with chocolate icing. They also had 4 inch mini iced cakes in the same flavors and are made by "French Meadow Bakery."

On Friday someone brought cupcakes to school - thankfully I thought to send snacks right away because it was just the first week of school! Since these cupcakes freeze well (per the bakery) my plan is to put a couple of these in the "Cup a Cake" cupcake holders, place in a freezer bag then put in the teacher's lounge freezer (it helps that I work there :) I will probably bake cupcakes for her when I am able but it is terribly handy to be able to pick these up now and then - or on our way to a family birthday etc.

We took one of the cupcakes to try tonight - everyone got a taste and we ALL agreed it was a darn good cupcake! The icing was buttery tasting and the cake had a nice texture. I also added sprinkles before freezing to make them fancier - because everyone loves fancy! LOL

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mourning the loss

The last couple of times we had pizza Grace cried. It was pitiful. Even with a good GF pizza just for her or even with the pizza from the place she always hated she still mourns the loss of "regular" pizza.

It makes me sad for her. I know it is "just a dietary change" but it is also a knowledge of something so close but unattainable.