Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gluten Free Cupcakes!

Central Market now has cupcakes in their bakery! They had yellow cake with white icing and chocolate cake with chocolate icing. They also had 4 inch mini iced cakes in the same flavors and are made by "French Meadow Bakery."

On Friday someone brought cupcakes to school - thankfully I thought to send snacks right away because it was just the first week of school! Since these cupcakes freeze well (per the bakery) my plan is to put a couple of these in the "Cup a Cake" cupcake holders, place in a freezer bag then put in the teacher's lounge freezer (it helps that I work there :) I will probably bake cupcakes for her when I am able but it is terribly handy to be able to pick these up now and then - or on our way to a family birthday etc.

We took one of the cupcakes to try tonight - everyone got a taste and we ALL agreed it was a darn good cupcake! The icing was buttery tasting and the cake had a nice texture. I also added sprinkles before freezing to make them fancier - because everyone loves fancy! LOL