Sunday, December 26, 2010

Gluten Free Bisquick!

I heard the urban legend that Gluten Free Bisquick was coming - but it appears it is here! I have yet to try it but I would love to hear from anyone who has.

I just went on the Bisquick site and saw they have a "Product Locator" - I see they have a store by my parents who have it.

It looks like the main flour in it is rice flour - it does say the recipes need to be altered because of how rice flour cooks differently. I am looking forward to trying it!

So - has anyone tried it yet?


It is AWESOME! The pancakes are "normal!" Our whole family eats them.

I add a little more milk since the batter is a little stiff but other than that I follow the directions.

The bad news - it is about $4 + for a VERY small package. It makes about two recipes of pancakes. I have only tried it for pancakes - I would like to try the biscuits.

I can recommend the GF Bisquick. It is really good, available (it is at my local WalMart) and EASY!


Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

This is my favorite pancake mix! It is wonderful!