Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gluten Free Expo!

My dear friend Wanetta sent me a link to the Gluten And Allergy Free Expo that is coming to Dallas On October 1st and 2nd! Taste test gluten free foods, have a gluten free lunch, talk to people who know! It is $20 for adults and $5 for kids under 12.

I LOVE expos! Any kind - computer, food etc. but it has been years since I have been to one. I would SO love to take Gracie But I broke my leg and am off of my feet for a couple of months. I would love if anyone is able to go they could come back with a review.

There are several expos around the country - check to see if there is one near you!

Follow up:

Troy and Gracie went - and LOVED it!!! Troy said he had never seen Gracie eat so much EVER! She went from space to space tasting all of the samples and going back for more when she found something she loved and she could eat EVERYTHING! She received some wonderful gifts - Chocolate Chip Cookies from Udi's (which she loved,) She won a great basket of kids treats as well as some books on gluten free living as well as some great samples to take home.

We will be looking VERY forward to going again next year and I would really suggest going if it comes to your area. Thank you Gluten Free Expo! It is fantastic to have a "safe place" to try new foods.