Sunday, August 4, 2013

Udi's did it again! "Flour" Tortillas!!

Troy and I are tortilla connoisseurs and our family eats them several times a week. Filled with eggs for breakfast, tacos, burritos, quesadillas and sandwich wraps. Our favorite is by far the Flour Tortillas from Central Market. They are made inhouse and they are wonderful. Gracie eats corn tortillas and really likes them but she has missed flour tortillas.

While shopping at our local "Health food store" (shout out to Herbs &More!) I found gluten free "flour" tortillas!!  Or Udi's Plain Tortillas as they call them. They were $4 for 8 tortillas and I decided to try them.

At lunch I told Gracie I would make her a quesadilla because she loves quesadillas.  I handed it to her
 and she took a bite then immediately spit it out. "MOM!!  These are FLOUR tortillas!"  "Yes they are ." MOM! I am Gracie!!  I can't have flour tortillas!!"  "Now you can!"  Poor dear thought I had lost my mind.

She loved them!  They were soft and had a slight chew to them. They toasted really nicely and didn't taste GF. There was no grittiness or dryness like many GF products have. Even though they are more expensive they will be on our must have on hand list.