Sunday, May 17, 2009

Grace's First Holy Communion

What a BEAUTIFUL day!! The weather was perfect and is was simply lovely.

Grace had her first Holy Communion this morning. Granny, Grandpa, Aunt Renee, Uncle Mark and cousin Austin came to support her and we had a lovely time.

Aunt Renee got a lovely Pix for Grace to put her low gluten host in. Before Mass I placed the pix on the alter and unhinged the top for easier opening. Grace respectfully went up to communion with Father hands clasped then proceeded to question him if he had the gluten free host in his hands :) A little gutsy but I was proud that she practiced our "always ask" policy - of course it was. She was also proud that she didn't make a face while drinking the wine. Aunt Renee said she saw her take a healthy gulp!

Back to our house for a family lunch. Oh - the discussion about what to serve. Something easy to make, keep warm for a couple of hours while at church with out drying out and something that Grace could have that was gluten free, Sam could have that was dairy free and Aunt Renee could have that was beef free - brussel sprouts maybe?? Troy and I went to Central Market yesterday to look at options. Shortly after arriving a helpful "Foodie" told us of their Rotisserie Chicken sale (buy a chicken and get a free pound of cole slaw and a pound of potato salad - easy and inexpensive!) Perfect.

We had chicken (which I quartered an put in the fridge the night before then put on low heat before leaving for church), the salads, asparagus, a variety of fruits and some breads for the gluten lovers in the family. Everyone loved it.

Dessert - oh the dessert! The Victorian Flourless Cake from Central Market - yummy goodness coated in ganache. Devine. I placed rock candy around the base of the cake to "fancy it up" and everyone loved it.

She was beautiful, everything went off without a hitch and all and all a perfect day.