Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I go out of town and missed 1000! :)

Thanks to those of you who visit and those of you who have commented. I hope you have come away with something you can use.

When Grace was diagnosed in November of 2008 we were blindsided! How in the world would we do this??!!! A few months later we have surprisingly figured it out and honestly - it just isn't "that" hard.

We went to the Sprouts sale and stocked up on Grace's favorite snacks. The lady checking us out asked "Are both of them gluten free?" "Nope - She is gluten free and he is dairy free. It is a big pain when we eat out." We both chuckled. It is a pain when we eat out - not only is she limited by what she CAN eat but she is limited by what she WILL eat. If it were not for cheese and cereal she would waste away. That said she is a good sport about trying new things (usually) and is a good sport when she is in a position where her choices REALLY are limited - like a pizza party, a restaurant w/limited choices, surprise cupcakes at school etc. Thankfully w/a "little" pre-planning (snacks at school, brown bags when we go out etc.) it is very doable.

Thanks again! Please keep your comments coming - I would love to learn from you guys.


The Lady in Pred said...

Enjoy your blog--thanks for all the helpful information. You're right; it does seem almost routine now. I'm back up with my blog again if you are interested--just got my guy off to camp.
I mention you in my last post--sent the Rico's nacho cheese to camp with him! :)
The Lady in Pred