Saturday, July 25, 2009

Glistening, ruby goodness

Last week I had hand surgery and my friend made us a great dinner! She really put a lot of thought into what everyone in the house could eat - Grace and GF, Sam and no dairy. She made grilled chicken, fresh corn, salad and "Jello Salad." It all was fantastic - the Jello Salad was outstanding!

It is what your elderly Aunt might bring to the church potluck - something we all have had at some point but it got lost along the way to more glamorous fare such as stuff with capers or kiwi. Yes - it is void of any "nutritional value" other than the fruit - but honestly - who cares. It warms your soul and makes you smile.

Grace was THRILLED that something so "fancy" would be gluten free! I was thrilled to find something so easy and nostalgic to make for her - AND me.

Teela's Jello Salad

1 large box Strawberry Jello - with water as directed.
1-2 bananas - sliced
1 small carton of sweetened, sliced strawberries
mini marshmallows

Add the hot water to the jello as directed.

Add the strawberries to the hot jello - mash them up to melt the frozen strawberries - the coolness will help set the jello quicker so no need to thaw before hand.

Add the cold water to the Jello as directed then add the bananas.

Let set it in the fridge for about 90 minutes or until slightly thick - stir to mix the bananas and strawberries throughout the Jello - otherwise they will sink to the bottom. Once it is a thicker consistency top with the marshmallows and chill to set.

It is a perfect potluck dish, summer dessert or party treat that everyone should enjoy. I hope you like it!