Sunday, September 27, 2009

I committed the cardinal sin of gluten free parenting


Grace went to her well child check this week and is up to 60 lbs!! Yea! We all were so pleased. We talked about her eating and since Grace doesn't eat much meat she suggested a multi vitamin with iron in it.

I go to the store and look around - it is hard to find a kids vitamin with iron in it! None of the gummies have it and many of the regular ones don't either. I finally found some Sponge Bob ones that had iron and grabbed them.

Yesterday the kids wanted to try them so I opened them up and handed them out. Sam liked his, Grace ran in and wanted to spit them out - they tasted sandy (I tried one - not good.) Thankfully it tasted bad to her so she spit it out - RIGHT THEN I thought "read the label." Right on the label it said "Contains wheat." DAD GUM IT!!! Who would have thought a vitamin would have wheat in it?? Obviously not me. I made her spit as much as she could then we washed her mouth out w/o swallowing then brush her teeth.

Thankfully she was fine, we dodged a bullet but will be more careful from now on.