Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gluten Free Eggs??

This just goes to show you that you can find gluten in the strangest places. We went to iHop last night for a fundraiser - knowing full well that what Grace could (or would) eat would be limited. She ended up having a plate full of bacon and hot chocolate - the dinner of champions!

I got an omelette - spinach and mushroom - it was yummy. In the description it stated (paraphrase) "We add a little pancake batter to make our omelettes fluffy." ??? Who would have thunk it? Honestly it wouldn't have phased me a year ago but now I wondered why it didn't state it more promptly. I did a little google search and it appears iHop isn't really forthcoming with their nutrition information - for any allergens and needless to say - gluten. Troy said "It is a restaurant based on batter - what do you expect??" I have to agree - but that said - many restaurants are accommodating their customers with allergy info or special menus - it would be nice if a company as big as iHop did the same - or at least made an attempt.