Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What we are thankful for

A year ago this week Grace got her diagnosis of Celiac. What a year we have had! We went from being freaked out and "What do we do now??" to handling it - pretty well.

We have learned where we can safely go out to eat. We have learned what is good in school lunches, we have learned about CHEESE BREAD!! Yummy, yummy cheese bread. We have kissed a few frogs that were toads (baking mixes) and kissed a few frogs that were princes - brownie mix! - and cheese bread! We have learned A LOT about hidden gluten, read tons of labels and had to explain ourselves over and over and over again - but it has been ok. Really - it has.

We have had a few - very few - hiccups but for the most part have a good handle on this gluten free lifestyle for Grace.

We did have a conversation with her this weekend about her having a responsibility for her health and eating and needing to not only try - but willingly eat - things she hadn't been eating. She got an egg for breakfast at the hotel the other day and ate baked chicken last night - a good start. Protein is hard for her to get enough of.

I am thankful in this time of Thanksgiving that we have found the key to making Grace feel better. She is growing and thriving and - tall and beautiful.

Thanks to all of my blog visitors - I appreciate your comments and support.

Happy Thanksgiving!