Monday, March 8, 2010

Gluten free at P.F. Chang's China Bistro

My friend Darin emailed me this info today. P.F. Chang's has had a gluten free menu but today they added 5 new beef dishes!

I have to say it has been years since I have been to P.F. Chang's. No reason why - we just haven't been. I do remember it fondly. You know I always love it when a restaurant is accommodating to a gluten free diet. They even have gluten free soy sauce.

P.F. Chang's gluten free menu is LOVELY! Many favorites and new things to try. They even have dessert!

I called the Grapevine location and spoke to a manager (I am sorry I didn't get his name - he was very helpful.) I asked how they prevented cross contamination with their gluten free items and he stated that the gluten free area - like the vegetarian area - is separate from the main cooking area. They have separate woks and utensils and a shelf that is earmarked for these things. The manager invited me to call back anytime with any questions.

The last time I went to P.F. Chang's it was just Gracie and I. She had an appointment in Grapevine and she wanted to go because they had Magnadoodles (magnetic write on toys for kids.) We shared a dinner and a fun evening - just Mom and daughter. Gracie was about 6 at the time. We need to go back.

Check out the menu. It looks awesome, the food at P.F. Chang's is fresh and not expensive (lunch is about $9, dinner goes up to about $18) and it is a great place to go to dinner with friends and family.