Friday, March 19, 2010


We were traveling through South Texas this week and stopped at Whataburger in Seguin for lunch. I went ahead to see if their french fries were gluten free. I spoke to the General Manager - Joe Garza - and he told me they were. He also told me they have separate fryers for the fish, chicken and fries and was really helpful.

I went out to get the family and we started walking in - out runs Joe looking for us! He was very concerned because he told me wrong - they fried onion rings in the same fryer as the fries. He was VERY concerned that Gracie might get sick if she ate them. I really appreciated his concern.

We decided not to eat there however I called the Whataburger corporate office to brag on Mr. Garza and kindly request they consider making their fries gluten free.

Here is a link to Whataburger's list of items that contain gluten. I do think it is interesting that they have a list of items that CONTAIN gluten - which basically causes us to have to stare at the menu to try to figure out which things do NOT contain gluten.


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I am allergic to gluten, and discovered along the way that my son is also. We travel A LOT for a living and fast food is an unfortunate constant in our lives. My husband recently witnessed the results of the "he's a kid, he'll be fine" mentatlity that we tried to go with. I try to let my 10 yo son make some food choices with the warning that if he eats something containing gluten, there will be natural consequences. I think Dad now gets it, as Jacob was in tears and terrible stomach pain before we even made it home from the restaurant. And Jacob is learning that, yes, just a little ranch dressing DOES hurt. Thanks for sharing.