Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beware of Blue Bell Ice Cream!

Gracie played really hard at her basketball game on Saturday so when we went to the store she decided we needed ice cream! They were having a sale on Blue Bell and Gracie said she wanted chocolate - of course. I grabbed it and stuck it in the cart - then wise Gracie said "Is it gluten free?" Of course it is - right? It is basic ice cream - right?? Wrong! The chocolate has wheat flour in it. Wheat flour in ice cream. Needless to say so did several other flavors. I will not assume plain chocolate ice cream - or any flavor is "safe" after this. The Vanilla is the only one we found that showed gluten free.

Braum's, Breyer's and others have gluten free ice creams so they would be better choices.

I had always thought of simple ice cream as being "safe." No more.


Nikki of Our Diabetic Warrior said...

We like the no sugar added, slow churned, triple chocolate from Edy's. They have it listed as gluten free on their website.

I cannot believe how many food items have hidden glutens in them!

Kelley @ Why Leave Well Enough Alone said...

Just found your blog and LOVE it. I was diagnosed with celiac about a month ago, and I had my coming-to-terms with limited Blue Bell options last weekend. Happy to report that Cherry Vanilla is gluten-free. It hadn't occurred to me until I was there at Walmart that I could no longer have cookies and cream... My husband is from Brenham, so buying another brand is sort of sacrilege for us. ;)

Chels said...

I was diagnosed with Celiac last year. I hadn't had ice cream in so long and found some blue bell. On their website it said it was gluten I ate half a pint of it, and woke up throwing up this morning! And it's thanksgiving! I wish I would have done more research on it =[