Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bourbon Chicken - just like at the mall!!

It has been FOREVER since I last posted! I have actually tried to post something a few times but either had technical problems or got sidetracked etc. That said I several things to share - starting with BOURBON CHICKEN!!

We were driving home from vacation and stopped at an outlet mall to go in just one store. (insert voice from Sponge Bob) Two hours later... Sam was STARVING and couldn't hold it together for another minute so we stopped by the food court. The choices were VERY limited - we couldn't find any "meal" that was gluten free. We walked by the lady with the samples of Bourbon Chicken (which is a weakness of ours) and took one - then Troy, Sam and I preceded to get it for lunch. Gracie said "I wish I could have the chicken - do you think it is gluten free?" I told her it was made with soy sauce so it was not. Gracie was a trooper and had plain white rice and a Dr Pepper - it really was pitiful.

A few days later I was playing with "Stumbleupon" and I came across a recipe for "Bourbon Chicken...Yes, like at the mall!" I looked at the recipe - hmmmm - I could do this gluten free!

Sam woke up at the crack of 10:30 am and wanted to help cook - he did a lot of the prep. He would also like me to add that "Sam is Gracie's brother" :)

I used WalMart brand soy sauce (which WAS labeled gluten free) (SEE BELOW!!!) as well as Marukan Rice Wine Vinegar and Evan Williams Bourbon which states it is Gluten Free on their website. More on Bourbon later... I used dried ginger and green onions since I had it on hand. We served it with white rice and a salad - but it would have been good w/some steamed veggies thrown in.

It was good - REALLY good! I threw it together in the morning and cooked it in the evening in the same dish. Everyone ate it up! It is easy, easy and something you could prep the night before - the longer it sits the better.

I will be making this one again, and again, and again...


After making this again today (w/the GF Wal Mart soy sauce) I was at the store and needed to get some more. The label has changed so I checked it - it is now NOT gluten free!! Regular wheat filled soy sauce!! So... Make sure that you use a gluten free soy sauce if you make this!! Wal Mart's is no longer gluten free.