Thursday, July 7, 2011

Udi's did it again - BAGELS!

I recently discovered that Udi's has been busy. Busy making yummy, yummy baked goods! Hot dog buns! Hamburger buns! Bagels!!!

I hadn't purchased any of these goodies because Gracie is one picky squirrel! She won't eat hot dogs. She won't eat hamburgers. When I asked her if she wanted to try the bagels she said no. sigh...

Yesterday I decided to try the bagels anyway. This morning I told her I would make her breakfast - I thawed the bagels for 30 seconds in the microwave, split it (it was cut - you just need to separate it) then I toasted 1/2 in our toaster oven (on foil to prevent cross contamination.) I called Gracie in and said "butter or cream cheese?" Her eyes widened and she smiled. "Butter!"

She ate it. She ate ever bite. She smiled and said "Thank you Mom! That was SO good! Could I have more?!" Well of course!

It was delicious - it was REALLY delicious! A great texture and the flavor was excellent. It wasn't as chewy or dense as "normal" bagels are - more like a really good crusty French bread. When I say it is good I am not saying "It is good for gluten free." I mean it is GOOD BREAD! for anyone - gluten free or not.

My wheels started turning - I immediately thought of "The Bread" that I made for my In laws last week. "The Bread" was a recipe I had come across on the Pioneer Woman's blog. I had been wanting to try it but never had a reason to until visiting them. It has two ingredients - bread and butter - but it is bread and butter in a fantastic way! Tasting Gracie's bagel made me think of "The Bread." It would be SO good cooked this way! I just feel it. Trust me - I will try it.

I can highly recommend the Udi's bagels! You will be pleasantly surprised. Let me know if you have tried the hot dog or hamburger buns - I would love to hear your reviews!