Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Tonight was was "School night" at Chili's.  I knew they had a gluten free menu but we hadn't been there since Grace was diagnosed so we were not sure how helpful they would be - we were VERY pleased with their service and attention to detail.  We brought our print out of the gluten free menu and I asked for a manager when I got there.  We found out they have the menus there for you - I wouldn't print it out because when you do you get tons of pages - soy, peanut, dairy... free as well as gluten. 

The manager was not familiar w/Celiac but was very open to making sure there was no cross contamination and said he would be back there when her meal was made.   He said they made everything fresh and didn't take it from a "batch."  He did come out and asked about toppings/seasonings (Grace only wanted corn on the cob, broccoli and oranges.)  We declined the cheese and season salt and he brought us individual packaged "real" butter and they delivered her meal on its own tray.  

I know it is always a risk when we eat out at a restaurant and it is still to be seen how it went tonight - but I was pleased that they took the extra steps we requested.