Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A (semi) local find!

T0night we went to Go Go Gumbo in Boyd TX. Boyd is a very small town so we were very surprised to find such WONDERFUL food! I called ahead and spoke w/the Chef/Owner Craig and he was familiar with Celiac and we discussed several choices.

We got there and it was VERY casual and very family friendly. There were games for the kids to play (board and video) as well as a basic kids menu. I was presenting the options to Grace and since they don't have flounder she didn't want fish. sigh. She decided on a plain salad - no dressing. What impressed me was their willingness to be accommodating and we received excellent service.

For those who can eat gluten I recommend the TV dinner - a type of sample plate - perfect amounts of perfect food. It really is some of the best food in Wise County. For those who can't eat gluten they have salmon always on the menu as well as shrimp and a fish of the day and some great salads.

Added bonus - the FANTASTIC Vanilla bean creme brulee was gluten free. Heaven.