Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jiminy Crickets - did I just say that??

Yesterday I was talking to my dear friend Allison.  She was telling me her 7 year old daughter is convinced she has Celiac after hearing her Mom talk about Grace with friends etc. - why not want what someone else has?  We chuckled.  Then Allison said "You know - she does often have tummy troubles - we have chalked it up to stress.  She doesn't have any other symptoms of Celiac.  I have thought about it before."  I suggested she try an elimination diet - wheat and dairy are a good start.  Her response "I could never do that - wheat is in EVERYTHING!"

Here is where it gets freaky - my response?  "It really isn't that hard."

There I said it.  

I remember in the beginning being SO VERY overwhelmed - wheat IS in everything - isn't it??  Four short months and lots of research later it really isn't that hard.  Not that it isn't a pain, not that it can't be hard "sometimes" and not that we don't have to be diligent about it - just that now that we got the hang of it - it really isn't that hard.

I do think "one" of the reasons it isn't that hard is Grace has taken charge of her own diet - we don't have to fight about her wanting things she can not have.  She knows if it has gluten in it it will make her sick - she choses not to eat it.  For this I am thankful.  

So with a pocketful of knowledge, an agreeable Celiac and the willingness to "just do it" living gluten free isn't really that hard.