Thursday, March 19, 2009

NEWS FLASH! All Chex Cereal is now Gluten Free!

Except for Wheat Chex for obvious reasons  :)

I had heard on the interweb that someone found Corn Chex that was gluten free - but my store didn't have it.  I checked the Chex website and there was no mention of it - so I called them.  I was "let in on a little secret" that supposedly just came out today (really??) that ALL Chex Cereal (minus wheat) has been reformulated to be gluten free!  This includes their Chocolate, Strawberry, Honey Nut, Corn, Rice etc.  That said - their "Multi Bran" does state wheat bran on the label - always wise to check before eating. 

She said that by June of 2009 all of the cereal will be changed out - start looking for it in your grocery store.  It should have "Gluten free" right on the front of the box.  

While on the phone Grace walked into the room.  I asked the lady to hold for a second while I told her the news.  She heard a big clap, then a YEA!  

How nice to have wider choices at the grocery store with "regular food." 

Yea!!  Thank you General Mills.  A small formulation change on your part means SO MUCH to those with Celiac!