Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Traveling with Celiac

I started writing a blow by blow of our trip to our niece's wedding but decided it came down to just a few points:

- All I have to say is if it were not for cheese sticks I don't know what we would do.   We took a cooler and kept them in the hotel fridge.  It was the staple of her weekend.  

- Cereal from home in individual size baggies was really helpful at the hotel.  Milk from their breakfast along with fruit made a fine breakfast. 

- We went to two buffets for dinner - the only thing she could eat was the salad.  One I got ahead and pulled the salad before it could be contaminated by the bowl of croutons next to it.  At the wedding I spoke to the waiter and they said the only thing they could guarantee was gluten free was a salad - when dinner was ready they brought out a beautiful salad and brought it to the table.  

- I learned it doesn't hurt to ask - most people are really accommodating.

- A "snack bag" filled with wrapped snacks (crackers, cookies, chips) is really helpful - it can pull together a quick lunch or just a snack on the road.  

- I spoke before about the shortbread cookies decorated with icing - I did this in the hotel room before the wedding and we brought our own dessert for Grace - she was really happy with this because it was "special" and different than a wrapped cookie.  

Don't be afraid to travel!  With limited supplies, a little planning and asking a few questions at restaurants you can go anywhere.