Monday, April 27, 2009

Celiac and the young Catholic

Grace is having her First Communion in a few weeks.  This should be simply a very special time for everyone.  It has turned into a very stressful one.

Troy and I disagree with what Grace should do - we do both agree that it should be her choice. 

As Catholics we believe that Christ is fully present in both the bread and wine.  Thus Grace would be fully participating in the Eucharist by just taking the wine.   Should be simple - right?

Troy and I view this differently for several reasons.  As much as it pains me to say so - we both have equally valid points.  Troy is a Convert  and remembers being denied communion as a non Catholic.  I am a "Cradle Catholic" therefore in our situation I feel the wine only is a sensible compromise.  Troy feels she will always regret not taking "full Communion" (bread and wine) if she doesn't do it on her First Communion (but refrain from then on.)  I feel what should be a joyful time could turn into a sick and painful time by taking the bread.  I also feel it is hard to ask others to take her Celiac seriously if we decide "just this once."

Grace - knowing and accepting all of the risks - wants to take the bread just this once. I am torn. 

Several months ago Troy did a bunch of research and we learned that for Catholics there must be wheat in the host. For other denominations rice hosts are acceptable.  While typing this I remembered Troy came across some information about a low gluten Host.  I researched it and found this!!!  

Needless to say I will be contacting our Priest!  I pray he is open to this.  He is a kind man - but he - like many - don't understand Celiac and think it is not that big of a deal.  It is a big deal - especially to Grace.  I will also be making a purchase to have on hand.     


Troy said...

I believe Grace is fully aware of the possible affects of the gluten that is present in the host. She has had enough experience with the reaction she has when she accidentally has gluten yet she still wants to have the bread.

Sandrabag said...

Yea!! We were Ok'ed for the low gluten host! We are all really excited.

Off to find a headpiece and we are golden!