Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rice Crispy Treats - ugh.

If Grace has asked me once she has asked me 100 times "Are Rice Krispy Treats gluten free?"  We have the Crispy Rice treats that I wrote about but she really wants the REAL Rice Crispy treats like Sam eats.  

The problem is the Malt flavoring.  I guess it makes it taste good but for a kid w/Celiac it is a problem - needless to say.  


Melanie "Gluti Girl" said...

Erewhon brand makes a gluten free rice cereal very similar to rice crispy. You can find it at some health food stores or even at You might try that.

You have a very nice blog. We always need bloggers with young children. It really does help people who are finding there way in this gluten free world! Such an encouragement!

Sandrabag said...