Sunday, January 11, 2009

Allergies, allergies - let me count the ways...

My little family is full of allergies and ailments - we are simply a mess.

Grace has Celiac and is allergic to nickle - that is right - she can't wear blue jeans, cheap jewelry or belts. Not only do I need to read the ingredients on her food but I also have to inspect her clothing.

Sam is allergic to dairy - he breaks out into a horrible eczema rash from head to toe. He is allergic to shellfish and blows up like on the movie "Hitch." He is convinced he is also allergic to chihuahuas because he had blown up lips after playing at two houses w/these dogs. I am sure it wasn't the pounds of Halloween candy or other junk he ate both times.

I have seasonal allergies - just your basic ones. Every few years I pull a "Hitch" myself and my lips blow up - have not a clue what causes it. I also have fatonmythighs and lardbutt - both serious.

Troy on the other hand - other than a Buda belly has no allergies, perfectly straight teeth and a generally good disposition given all of our complaints.


MomsKickButt said...

Love your blog!!! and wow, after reading about Central Market, I will have to try them out.
Love you and your family!

Sandrabag said...

I love you and yours!