Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Out of school - fun baking!

We had an ice day today so I decided to let the kids have some fun. I looked in the freezer and found left over Cherrybrook Kitchens Sugar Cookie Dough that I had mixed up right before Christmas, rolled into a log and froze in butcher paper. Slice and bake! What could be easier?

The cookies by themselves are a bit grainy - but top them with a can of gluten free icing and sprinkles or chocolate chips and you have a winner.

The kids decorated them (actually over decorated them :) and had a blast. I left enough dough to make about 4 more cookies - for a "cookie emergency" - aka birthday cupcakes at school or other party.

Find a cookie recipe that works for you and make extra to freeze for slice and bake. In 10 minutes we had fresh, hot cookies and a fun activity.


Jen said...

What I have been doing lately is to make up the entire recipe of dough and then freeze half and bake half. That way we get to enjoy cookies now and later!

And they don't sit on the counter taunting me!

Sandrabag said...

Which recipe do you use - if you don't mind sharing.

I have yet to make anything from scratch - except for cornbread which was sort of a 1/2 scratch and 1/2 mix since I used pancake mix and corn meal.