Saturday, January 10, 2009

Now a shout out to Central Market

We had to find basketball shoes for Grace today (who is scrappy on the basketball court!! GO GRACE!) so we went to town - town being Southlake. I grew up in Southlake and my parents still live there - it has changed so much since I grew up in the sleepy little town w/out a stop light. But I digress....

I love Central Market. I learned to love it while visiting friends in Austin (where I first experienced it) and San Antonio (where I really fell in love.) I was ecstatic when Central Market came to Ft Worth - I emailed them several times to get updates on when the grand opening would be. Sam was 3 weeks old when the grand opening happened and it was his first outing! Imagine my excitement when I learned one was coming just up the street from my parents house! Needless to say it is rare that we "go to town" without stopping in for "home made" flour tortillas, German Blue Cheese, fresh whole grain English muffins and Bacon and Spinach dip. Oh - by the way none of that is gluten free and none of it (other than the tortillas) Grace would eat.

When Grace was diagnosed one of the first places I went to Central Market. I was in the cracker aisle and asked a "Foodie" if they had any gluten free crackers - turns out they have designated aisle space for gluten free items - very cool! I about cried - at this point I new I could "do this" Celiac thing. Everything in one area is gluten free - pasta, cookies, cereal, cake mix etc.

I wish I had gotten the guys name - he was so very helpful. I had said "I hear these cookies are good." His response? "Lets try them!" He opened up the package and we stood there eating cookies - and they WERE good! I put a couple of boxes in my cart. Another Foodie came by and was talking with me - I asked if she had ever tried any of the crackers - she hadn't but said "Let me open this one for you." Come to find out Central Market will let you try anything before you buy it - she said don't ever be afraid to ask so I haven't been. Turns out the crackers were gritty - so we tried the cheese crackers and they were really great. Now whenever I go with Grace I have her sample something new - tonight she tried chocolate breakfasts bars (she didn't like them) and gingerbread cookie bars - she LOVED them.

I also found out that if we purchased something and took it home and we didn't like it - even if we ate half the box - to bring it back and get our money back - it is another service they provide.

Kudos to Central Market for your commitment to customer service and for providing an easy way for those with gluten issues to have many goodies in one place instead of having to wander all over the store looking for specific gluten free items.