Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm making waffles!

I picked up some Gluten Free Pantry brown rice pancake and waffle mix a while ago.  I made pancakes one day and they were sort of gritty - Sam liked them but Grace - you know the reason we got gluten free pancake mix in the first place - did not.  We had been trapped in the house for a couple of days so I decided to try again - this time making waffles thinking the crispy texture would marry better w/the gritty texture.  

I mixed it up, made a waffle and tasted it.  It had a "raw rice" taste to it - not appealing.  I added 1/4th cup sugar and tried again - success!  They were really good.  So good in fact that both kids ate two!  Of course the syrup helped as well but the taste and texture were on target.  You could add a little more or less sugar to your taste - the sugar adds to the tenderness as well as masking the "raw" taste.  

I can recommend the Gluten-Free Pantry brown rice pancake & waffle mix when used for waffles.  For pancakes - not so much.