Friday, January 9, 2009

A nod to the Evil Empire

We live in a small community of around 5000 that is 40 miles from the closest Tom Thumb or Central Market - even further for a Whole Foods. How would we survive Celiac w/only a Walmart???

When we received the diagnosis for Grace I called a dear friend whose daughter also had Celiac. She said we all would survive. She gave GREAT tips and suggestions - the best being look at the ingredient list for Walmart brand foods - Great Value. Turns out that Walmart specifically states "Gluten Free" on their nutrition labels when the product is in fact gluten free!!! Hurray! I can't tell you how easy it has been to just turn the product over, look on the back and see that gluten free label. That said - many of the items are traditionally gluten free (like cheese) - however since we all have been surprised by hidden gluten it is so lovely for it to be stated so plain.

Even though I have issues with Walmart - I appreciate the courtesy to those who are gluten free.